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A little about Michelle Ishio (BA, CPT, CAFS):

Fitness and Wellness Practitioner: 22 years experience
Post-pregnancy Rehab Specialist: 16 years experience

Michelle is the founder of Post Pregnancy Rehab Company /, and also the creator of the Ishio Method - Post-Pregnancy Abdominal and Pelvis Floor Rehab Principles and Protocols TM.

As well, Michelle authored the book, "My Baby Hijacked My Body, Now I Want It Back!", (post-pregnancy recovery plan), and created the Sillo Belly Wrap TM, (to help with closing the post-pregnancy disastasis 6-pack gap, then flattening the belly), and the Baby Belly Jelly TM, (anti-inflammatory & protein serum for growing and recovering bellies).

She also created Balansu Therapy TM, a therapeutic program focusing on strength exercises, supportive stretching, and breathing, (specific for posture, muscle balancing, range of motion, stress management, and revitalization), and launched a sister company, Lady Action Fit Club, (a place for ladies/moms to get support for their wellness, fitness, and motivation).

MICHELLE'S EXPERTISE comes from 22 years an American Council on Exercise certified personal fitness trainer, (with just as many years of formal continuing education); certified by the Gray Institute in Applied Functional Science; an ACE Specialist in Orthopedic Post-Rehab Exercise; a Longevity & Wellness Specialist through GMP; and experienced as an elite level competitive athlete in multiple sports, (gaining in-depth understanding of injury prevention, injury management, and prompt injury rehabilitation). Michelle also successfully went through the post-pregnancy rehab process 3 times herself, (including postpartum depression).


Michelle was a pro-kick boxer, and former world-championed full-contact fighter, (having fought that bout in an exciting 5-day tournament in China). She is also master level black belt ranked in Kung Fu, (Shaolin/Wu-shu mix, Tai Chi, Bagua-zhang), and master level black belt ranked in Karate, (Shuri-ryu). Michelle trains routinely in the martial arts, and occasionally does competitions/demonstrations.

Michelle was also an 11-year member of Track West, (an elite level track & field club), where she trained and competed with some of the top U.S. runners. Her specialty events are the 800 meters, 1500 meters, (and previously included the steeplechase). Michelle trains routinely, and competes in racing competitions monthly, and is now a top level masters runner.

Too add to her sports competition adventures, Michelle had the opportunity to compete on the TV shows American Gladiators & American Ninja Warriors.

Through all of her experiences and accomplishments in the sports & fitness industry, it lead her to many opportunities as a professional sports & fitness model for top companies in the industry, (Nike, Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine, Kung-Fu magazine, etc); with the ads, commercials, and magazines having been published/aired nationally, and internationally.



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MIchelle Ishio Michelle Ishio Michelle Ishio Michelle Ishio Michelle Ishio Michelle Ishio